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Terms & conditions

Thank you for choosing Marseus Computer. Please find our terms and conditions, state and grade of goods and warranty. 


We provide no warranty of quality or durability other than those provided for under clause 1.2 in conjunction with our sales. We assume no liability for the compatibility of the various equipment and components with one another. This also applies to the supplied equipment’s compatibility with customers’ existing IT equipment. Our goods being sold are used equipment for which 30 days RTB warranty is provided. We exclude the warranty on all batteries and consumables.

Grade A, Grade B

Marseus Computer quality expectations comparing to the grades.Grade-AGrade-B
PC– In good second user condition
– Unbroken case
– Every part of the PC is working properly
– The equipment has discernible cosmetic issues or physical damages, but is working properly.


– No more than 3 dead pixels
– Unbroken chassis
– Every part of the laptop is working properly
– The laptop is in good second user condition, matching its age.
– If advertised with AC adaptor, has a matching one (both by model and by performance)
– The equipment has discernible cosmetic issues or physical damages, but is working properly.
TFT– In good second user condition
– Unbroken case
– No more than one dead pixel
– No scratches, pressure marks or (back or side) lighting issues on the screen

– No more than 3 dead pixels
– Scratches and/or pressure marks can be on the screen
– The equipment may have cosmetic issues or physical damages, but is working properly.

RTB warranty

The RTB warranty terms are that all claims under the warranty must be made in writing including the individual asset tags issued by Marseus Computer, and returns are made at the Buyer’s expense. Upon receiving the returned assets we can either repair and return them or issue a credit note.

VAT and customs

All our quoted prices are net, with no VAT in Euros, ex Works Budapest, Hungary. Export customers from within the European community have to submit their EU VAT registration number (EU VAT number) to be able to make purchases without VAT. If the buyer does not have a valid VAT number, we have to apply the VAT rate valid in Hungary on the day of invoicing. All non-EU customers have to go through Hungarian export customs clearance to be able to avoid paying the valid Hungarian VAT rate. It is the buyers duty to have the goods export cleared as soon as possible and provide us with the export clearance documents. With no clearance documents, we must invoice the current valid VAT rate in addition to the original invoice.

If your company is based in a country that is a member of the European Union and your company has a valid EU VAT number, you are entitled to make purchases without having to pay Hungarian VAT. In order to be eligible for VAT free invoicing, the Hungarian tax authorities require us to show additional documentaion for each invoice, not just the valid VAT number, these documents are needed to provide proof of export. We are going to check the validity of the VAT number for each of our partners before each deal, but at least monthly.

Also, upon placing your order, please specify the method of shipping or collecting the goods in writing:

1. If we organise the transport for you, no additional documents are needed, our shipping partners are going to provide us the necessary documents to be able to provide proof of export for the Hungarian authorities.

2. If you are arranging collection via a forwarding/freight company please provide us the name and a contact person/address to your shipping company. In this case, we need a signed/stamped copy of the CMR or other freight document provided by the transport company, which clearly show the date and place of taking over the goods. If you are using a third party forwarder, we are going to ask both you and the forwarder to provide us this document. If we have signed/stamped CMR, which clearly shows date and place of taking over the goods, that is enough proof of export for the Hungarian authorities.

3. If you are collecting yourself or by a representative of your company, please provide us with the below information before collection: The name of the person who is going to be collecting the goods, his/her ID or passport number and the vehicle’s licence plate number. During the collection, we will ask you to sign these details to our copy of the invoice as well and we are also going to make a photo of the goods in the vehicle entitled for collection. In case of a personal collection, two documents will be needed as proof of export to the Hungarian authorities. First, a signed/stamped CMR, which clearly shows the date and place of taking over the goods. We are going to fill out a CMR for you during your collection, we ask you to return the landed copy by email or per post. In addition to the signed/stamped CMR, we also require you to sign a document called „Declaration of Tax Coverage”, which needs to be signed by the company owner, or a person with an authorised signature for the company. By signing this document, you state that you are going to submit the purchase made from us along with your VAT identification number to both Intrastat and your local tax authority and confirm that the goods invoiced are going to leave Hungary after purchase.

Please provide proof of export for your purchases. Otherwise Marseus Computer are entitled to invoice the amount of Hungarian VAT belonging to the invoice in question.


Acceptable payment methods are wire transfer in advance or cash upon collection. In case of wire transfer in advance the buyer will get a proforma invoice before the payment. We release any stock only upon receiving the full invoiced amount. Our preferred trading currency in export dealings is Euro. All prices are quoted and all proforma and final invoices are issued in Euros by default. In addition to Euros, we can accept payments in Hungarian Forints, US Dollars or British (GB) Pounds. We can only accept payments in those currencies if the purchase agreement, the sales order and the proforma invoice all were originally issued in the same currency. We can only accept cash payments in Euros or Hungarian Forints. Upon receiving a cash payment in Euros, we cannot ensure to give you change in Euros so if you plan to make a cash payment, please make sure you have the exact amount of Euros with you!

Ex works

Incoterms 2010 Ex Works means that the buyer bears all costs and risks involved in taking the goods from the seller’s premises to the desired destination, unless otherwise agreed. The transfer of all risks and costs associated with the delivery happens at our warehouse door at H-1131 Budapest, Jász utca 179. We are more than happy to help arrange transport for any of our customers’ orders but even in that case the transfer of risks and costs are as of EX Works (Incoterms 2010).

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